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    Suboxone® Doctors in Rhode Island – Why We Need Them

    The opioid epidemic is impacting every part of the country and Rhode Island has not been spared its force. The opioid epidemic has swept the nation and, with prescriptions flooding the streets, these dangerous drugs are impacting people of all ages and backgrounds. Something needs to be done to help local communities and, fortunately, there are resources available. Trained professionals are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. We are here to help people get clean and improve their lives. 

    RecoveryDelivered.com is available for those who are having trouble staying clean. We know this is a major challenge, which is why we offer an online Medication Assisted Treatment program. This can help you meet the requirements to use Suboxone safely. This will allow you to go through withdrawal in a safe manner, tapering the requirements gradually over the course of the year. If you are looking for a Suboxone doctor in Rhode Island, we can help you. We have providers everywhere from Newport to Providence. We even serve rural areas. We are online, meaning you don’t have to drive to see us. We can work with you over the phone and our doctors will speak with you via video chat. We can even deliver medication right to your front door.

    Rhode Island Opioid Addiction and Overdose Statistics 

    Sadly, Rhode Island is among the country’s leaders when it comes to both opioid prescriptions written and opioid deaths. Rhode Island ranked in the top ten states in the country for opioid-related deaths in 2017, with a death rate of 26.9 people per 100,000 persons, according to government information. In addition, there are more than 51 prescriptions written in Rhode Island for opioid medications per 100 persons, which is also among the highest rates in the country. The combination of a high number of opioid scripts along with a high risk of overdose creates a deadly combination.

    Thanks to Narcan, there has been a drop in the rate of opioid deaths; however, there are also people who treat Narcan as a security blanket, willing to take the chance of an overdose due to its presence. Therefore, everyone needs to take steps to get help for opioid addiction. Some people go with a 12-step inpatient treatment facility first. Unfortunately, there is a high rate of relapse and people end up back on opioids anyways. Now, Suboxone can help people not just get clean but stay clean as well.

    Suboxone® in Rhode Island

    For those who might not know, Suboxone is the brand name of buprenorphine/naloxone. This is considered the gold standard in treating opioid addiction. With such a fantastic option, people might wonder why it hasn’t been used more. The answer is that not many providers have been willing to prescribe this medication in the past. Now, that is changing. 

    We are here to help everyone in Rhode Island have access to this outstanding opioid addiction treatment option. According to information placed on the SAMHSA website, there are hundreds of doctors in Rhode Island who can prescribe Suboxone. Even though a Suboxone clinic in Rhode Island might be able to prescribe Suboxone, they might not have the proper DATA Waiver that is needed to prescribe Suboxone or other medications used to treat addiction. They also might not accept Medicaid or other services. There is where Recovery Delivered is here to help. 

    Cost of Suboxone Treatment in Rhode Island

    The cost of MAT treatment with Suboxone in Rhode Island is going to vary based on the various insurance policies and co-pays. It is not unusual in the state of Rhode Island for someone to charge more than $300 per visit for Suboxone treatment; however, an average cost for Suboxone is around $150 for a single month’s supply. With the help of Recovery Delivered, many patients will have access to a Suboxone doctor in Rhode Island for less than $80. In addition, Recovery Delivered can help patients receive a significant discount on their month’s supply of Suboxone. Furthermore, it is even delivered right to the front door. No more waiting. No more lines. Affordable addiction treatment in Rhode Island is here with Recovery Delivered.

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