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We expect most insurance policies. This includes private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare. 

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The Recovery Delivered program is built to serve the masses.  With this at the core of our company, we also accept cash pay patients for as little as $50/visit as well as discounts on addiction medications

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Online MAT Program Steps

Prior to being prescribed medication for opioid addiction, you need to undergo a medical evaluation to ensure MAT is right for you.  Based on how much substance a patient consumes, he or she may be referred to an inpatient detoxification facility prior to starting the online medication assisted treatment program with Recovery Delivered. 

This evaluation is often done at a partnering urgent care facility, however more and more of our prescribers are offering in-home evaluations to ease the transition and ensure confidentiality. This service comes at an additional charge. 

The treatment of opioid use disorder and addiction in general is that of a chronic disease. This means it can’t be treated for just a short period of time and left alone. Addiction treatment is an ongoing process that requires the correct dosing of medications as well as one-on-one addiction counseling sessions. 

Thankfully, the Recovery Delivered program is 100% online and thus, doesn’t require onsite visits to a doctor which take time.

The induction of Suboxone® can be done in a clinical setting if the medial evaluation shows that a patient requires a higher level of care. However, if your prescribing doctor feels that it is safe for you to take, you will be mailed an at-home opioid detox kit

The kit will arrive with detailed instructions as to what to take and when to take it to ensure a smooth transition onto Suboxone®. During this time, you will meet with your prescribing doctor on a daily basis to ensure your comfort and safety. These meetings will be done 100% online through our platform.

As an online addiction treatment program that specializes in Medication Assisted Treatment, we have a direct relationship with the supplier of addiction medications for both alcoholism and opioid addiction. This not only gives us the ability to offer a cash price below most pharmacy prices. it also provides our clients with the ease of access they need.

Once the follow up meeting is complete, the medication is shipped to the patient’s home in two days along with any other prescriptions they may need.  

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