What You Need to Know

100%, YES! We are here to serve the masses that need help.  In that effort our providers are contracted with as many insurance companies as possible.  This includes state Medicaid and even Medicare policies in most states.  If you are wondering about your insurance coverage, we can run a benefit analysis for you here. Please be sure to fill out all the request info as it is required to verify your benefits.

Our providers are independent Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors. Any provider you meet with via our online system will have a minimum of 1 year experience treating addiction.  Many will have over 5 years.  

Nope! We accept anyone who is medically cleared to Medication-Assisted Treatment.  We can also help those currently in a program that would like to make life a bit easier by switching to Recovery Delivered’s online MAT program. 

Yes, a lot of it.  If you are currently traveling to meet with your provider each week or month.  Then to group meetings in an IOP program or even addiction counseling that time could be saved.  Imagine completing all of that, with the same level of educated professionals, but from your home.  That is the Recovery Delivered way.

Financial constraints shouldn’t be a barrier to treatment. This is why we offer low cash pay rates for online visits as well as medication.  Meaning, if a patient doesn’t have insurance, but is ready to get help, we will adjust our cash-pay rates to meet their needs.  This means that weekly follow-up meetings start at $55 and the medication is as low as $14. 

Simple.  A smartphone and the desire to get clean and start a new life.  If that sounds to easy, well, that is the point.  We are here to help everyone who wants help, get help. 

There are times when a higher level of care is required for the safety of the patients.  When this is needed we refer to medical detox and inpatient recovery centers in the patient’s state that we have already vetted and spoken with.  This ensures the patient is getting quality care and when they are finished, they have access to our program for ongoing care. 

Our detox program is an At Home Detox which is designed to lessen withdrawal symptoms.  During this period, the patient will meet with their Recovery Delivered doctor daily and have the option of joining our treatment app which provides therapy via chat for those extra difficult days. 

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Amid Covid-19, the federal government has waived the need for in-person visits prior to prescribing Suboxone and Subutex for telemedicine.  This means we can ship the medication to your door as quickly as tomorrow after meeting one of our telemedicine providers.  To get started, click below.