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Welcome to a more convenient way to receive care for opioid use disorder and alcoholism via Medication Assisted Treatment. You are now closer to having your follow-up meetings online, addiction counseling sessions online, and your medication delivered right to your door. 

Recovery Starts Now

Ready to take the steps towards achieving recovery? So are we. We have professionals standing by to deliver lasting Suboxone and counseling services to you on YOUR time. Not ours. Click on “Download App” and start your recovery today. 

Cash Pay Rates

The Recovery Delivered program is built to serve the masses.  With this at the core of our company, we also accept cash pay patients.  Our cash pay covers weekly follow-up meetings, at home drug testing, and  addiction medications all for just $150 per week.  

Insurance Accepted

RecoveryDelivered.com accepts most insurance policies including State Medicaid.  If you have questions about your insurance and our ability to accept it, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. 

Steps To Get Started?

Step One: Agreements

As we are online, we have regulations that MUST be followed for the safety of our patients and staff.  These agreements are below.  In order to continue in the process all of these must be agreed to. 

Step Two: Patient Information

Once you have completed the agreements, you will be forwarded to our onboarding forms.  These forms gather patient information, history, and the standard HIPAA compliance, and treatment documentation you will sign at any provider. 

Step Three: Download The App

Once you have completed all the forms needed to enter our program, you will be sent a link to download the HIPAA compliant app.  This app will be used for communicating with not only RecoveryDelivered, but to make payments (if needed), and to meet with your provider virtually.  

Step Four: Set Your Appointment

Once you login to the app, you will be created and sent a link to a calendar.  This is your specific providers availability.  Simply select the day and time that works best for you.  If a the timing does work for you, just respond back in the app and we will work to accommodate your needs. 

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