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Welcome to a more convenient way to receive care for opioid use disorder and alcoholism via Medication Assisted Treatment. You are now closer to having your follow-up meetings online and weekly drug testing sent to your home for review with our telemedicine provider. 

The first step is paying for month one.  After this payment is made you will be sent to our admissions documentation which you will need to fill out. Once that is done, you are sent a link to download our app.  Once that is downloaded, you will be assigned a provider and within 24 hours be able to have your first meeting. 


At this time, RecoveryDelivered.com accepts insurance with out of network benefits.  These are normally private insurance policies through an employer. To understand how much out of pocket would be, if any, complete the Verification of Benefits and we will contact you with what your insurance covers.   If we do not accept your insurance or you currently have medicaid through your state our pricing for self pay is below and we are able to send a script to your local pharmacy which accepts your insurance for the cost of medication.  Below is our self-pay payment schedule. 

Self Pay Rates

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To being, click the link below to make your payment for the first month of care at a cost of $380.