Let's Get Started

Welcome to a more convenient way to start and continue Suboxone treatment. You are now closer to having your initial visit and follow-up doctors visits online and weekly drug testing sent to your home for review with our telemedicine provider. 

Our program is built to ensure proper use of the medication and monitor our patients health.  This means the first 6 visits will be weekly.  We will fill 7 days of medication and provide the proper number of drug tests for this time frame. 

After the first six weeks patients see a doctor every two weeks for the 10-15 minute follow-ups. 

Medication is the then sent to your local pharmacy after each visit (at provider discretion) where your insurance will cover the cost or you can choose to use an online coupon to save money if you are cash pay. 


Our cost is simple.  $75/visit includes the price of your virtual meeting with one of our licensed providers.  For those with insurance ,your insurance should cover drug testing at a local lab as well as medication.  For those without insurance, our home delivered drug testing is $10/test sent out 4 at a time.    

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Copyright © by Tara Healthcare.  All rights reserved.

Copyright © by Tara Healthcare.  All rights reserved.