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Let’s Get Started

Welcome to a more convenient way to start and continue Suboxone treatment. You are now closer to having your initial visit and follow-up doctors visits online and weekly drug testing sent to your home for review with our telemedicine provider. Your first visit is to evaluate your medical history. This is when your provider will determine your visit frequency. Your first visit is just $89 and a script can be provided during this visit.

New To Suboxone?

Our program is built to ensure proper use of the medication and monitor our patients health. This means the first 6 visits will be weekly. We will fill 7 days of medication and provide the proper number of drug tests for this time frame. The cost is $75/visit for new patients.

After the first 6 weeks patients see a doctor every month for 10-15 minute follow-ups at a cost of $99/month.

Transferring Care To Us?

For those who have been utilizing Suboxone for a minimum of 3 months, you meet with one of our online providers once a month which is just $89/month. In order to qualify for this, our admissions team will work with your current provider to get medical records sent to us. It is that simple

How You Get Your Script

For those using insurance, medication is sent to your local pharmacy after each visit (at provider discretion) where your insurance will cover the cost. If you are cash pay for medication, our partner pharmacy is able to ship you your Suboxone at a reasonable rate.