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The days of waiting at a clinic, driving across town or taking the 2 buses to meet your doctor each week are over. We are now live with local licensed suboxone doctors in Florida. Simply download the app, set an appointment, and meet your Suboxone doctor and addiction counselor within 24 hours.

Need For Florida Suboxone Doctors

The state of Florida has long been known as the recovery capital of the country.  There seems to be a rehab on every corner in southern Florida.  However, if the Florida Health Department statistics say anything, its that these facilities seem to be doing little in the way of helping those suffering from opioid addiction.  From 2014 to 2016, in the state of Florida, opioid overdoses deaths more than doubled from 2,175 to 4,672 respectfully.  New data from AMFAR.org shows that this mortality rate increased in 2017 to 5,088. 

Suboxone® Doctor/Clinic Near You in Florida

As of November 2019, according to SAMSHA.gov, there are 2,378 licensed suboxone doctors in Florida.  How many of these providers are actually practicing is difficult to ascertain.  Compare that to states like New York and Ohio which have almost 4,000 and just over 2,000 respectfully and you will see that for such a large state, Florida doesn’t have that many Suboxone doctors.   A quick search will show that there are plenty of Suboxone doctors in Florida, however, we also noticed that many of these facilities provide inpatient detox and addiction care, rather than a clinic for suboxone.  Many of these facilities also offer Methadone as well.  If you are searching for a Suboxone in Florida that is near you, no other clinic can compete with RecoveryDelivered.com as we are always with you, via your smartphone.  Simply download our app and schedule a meeting with one of our licensed Florida suboxone doctors.  These providers can service any Florida resident from Tallahassee to Miami.  The term “Near Me” just changed for the better.  Meet your provider each week or month from the comfort and safety of your home or car.    

Cost of Suboxone® Treatment in Florida

Florida Medicaid is finally covering the costs of treatment with Suboxone, also known as Medication-Assisted Treatment. Medicaid also covers the cost of the prescription as well.  However, many people do not have insurance that are currently in a MAT program or are ready to start one to get their life back. 

Cash paying for Suboxone treatment in Florida has two costs.  The first is the doctor visits.  In order to be on Suboxone, you must meet with your provider weekly, and the minimum, to start.  Each visit can run anywhere from $100-$300 (for the “come to you” providers).  The second cost is for the Suboxone itself.  On average, the cost for Suboxone in Florida is roughly $1/mg prescribed.  This means that if a patient has the average 8mg script, the medication will cost $8/day or $240/month. 

Recovery Delivered is more than just ease and access to a prescribing doctor.  We also match clients with licensed Florida addiction therapy counselors to help patients work through the root cause of their addiction.  If a patient is using Medicaid to cover the cost of care, this addiction counseling is a requirement. 

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