Micro-Influencers Needed

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We Hire Influencers - $250-$1,000/Month

Thank you for your interest in working with Recovery Delivered.  We provide access to licensed medical providers, 100% online.  We offer access to providers who can help with:

  1. Opioid Addiction
  2. Alcohol Addiction
  3. Urgent Care
  4. Weight Loss Medication
  5. STI Medication
  6. Testosterone Therapy
  7. Hormone Replacement 
  8. ADHD Managment 

What is The Opportunity?

Unlike other brands, we pay monthly, not per video.  This allows our partners to have a monthly income they can count on.  All you need to do is talk about RecoveryDelivered.com.  You will be given a discount code for your followers to use to save 50% on their first visit.  This code will be tracked and shows the results each influencer generates.  The more you generate the more you get paid.  It’s that simple.  

Who Are We?

RecoveryDelivered.com was founded in 2019 as an online opioid addiction treatment site.  We were the first to offer access to online doctors to combat the opioid crisis in this country. When COVID shut down our country in 2020, we were open and offering services free of charge to ensure people could get their medication.  Since then, we have grown each month to offer even more help to those who need it.  We are the lowest cost option when it comes to online Suboxone doctors and even offer lower cost medication delivery.  

Want To Monitize Your Following?

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