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Receiving care for opioid addiction in Arizona just became a lot easier. Get your care online. No more waiting. No more driving. Just results.

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The days of waiting at a clinic or driving across the valley from Mesa to Phoenix or from Glendale to Scottsdale to meet your doctor each week are over. Recovery Delivered offers licensed Suboxone® doctors online 7 days a week. The days of waiting in line or in a crowded clinic are over. Now you can meet online from the comfort of your home or office.
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Arizona has seen an incredible rise in the number of opioid related deaths since 2015. In fact, since June 2015 the Arizona Department of Health Services estimates that there have been over 27,000 opioid overdoses in the state of Arizona. Sadly, over 3,000 of those people didn’t survive the trama. It is not question that Arizona is the middle of a crisis when it comes to opioid addiction, use, and overdose deaths. Recovery Delivered launched in Arizona as one of our first states because of this data. We also have ties directly to Arizona as one of our Founders is from Tempe, AZ. He wanted to work to provide care to everyone who was struggling to get it in the state and make access simple and easy for those ready to take back their life.

Suboxone® in Arizona

Suboxone® as the brand name, or the generic, buprenorphine/naloxone has provided a way out for many patients fighting against opioid addiction.  Naloxone alone has also been treating Arizona residents for alcohol addiction for a number of years.  Suboxone® or its generic work by activating the part of the brain stimulated by opioid use.  This means that the patient doesn’t have the strong cravings to use because their basic needs are being met.  As of October 1st 2019, there are over 1,100 Suboxone doctors in Arizona according to the SAMHSA website.  Many of these providers also already work for a Suboxone clinic in Phoenix and would require you to join them at that physical facility.  This is a major reason Recovery Delivered launched in Arizona.  We accept almost every insurance policy in Arizona. As we are online, our patients location doesn’t matter.  We are able to service anyone in the state of Arizona from the rural areas to downtown Phoenix.

Cost of Suboxone in Arizona

The cost of Suboxone in Arizona varies on insurance. As of April 2020, the cost of Suboxone in arizona is roughly $300 for a 30 day supply.  

Where the cost comes in is with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly doctors meetings and drug testing. Recovery Delivered offers a tiered pricing model which starts at just $99/month for those who have been on Suboxone for 3 months or more.  For those new to Suboxone weekly meetings are $75/week. 

Our Membership Plans

Phase 1

For those who haven’t been prescribed Suboxone for a minimum of 3 months.

$75/visit for 8 weeks

Phase 2

After 8 weeks of weekly meetings and clean drug testing


Phase 3

For those who have completed our 10 week program or have been prescribed Suboxone for more than 3 months.

$99/month Start

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Providing Affordable Online Suboxone Treatment.

Recovery Delivered was born out of the opioid epidemic plaguing our country. Our Founders both have a decade of experience in the addiction treatment space and saw that many people didn’t have access to care, and those that did have access weren’t happy.

So, they created Recovery Delivered, an online addiction treatment and medication management company. By using technology, they connect patients with online Suboxone doctors who provide life-saving addiction medicine almost 100% online.

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