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Colorado Suboxone Doctors and Clinics

When you look at the national averages for overdose cases caused by opioids (NIDA) you will see a rate of 14.6 deaths per 100,000 people.  In Colorado, however, that number is much lower at 10.00 deaths per 100,000 people.  Although this number seems promising, the data around heroin, specifically is staggering.  Heroin involved deaths increased from 26 to 224 in just 7 years.  When you look at just synthetic opioids, mainly fentanyl, those cases almost doubled from 58 to 112 in the same 7 year span.  There is a problem in Colorado, just like the rest of the country, when it comes to opioid use disorder and the death that follows it. 

So what can be done? The state has implemented safeguards against overprescribing of opioids in clinical settings to curb the addiction where it starts.  However, for those that are already suffering, what can be done? For many Medication Assisted Treatment is the Gold Standard of care when it comes to treating opioid use disorder.  Medication Assisted Treatment in Colorado provides Suboxone as well addiction counseling.  When combined, the prospect of a sober life is much more easily realized and achieved.

This is why is so pleased to offer our Suboxone doctors in Colorado.  Our program is an online medication-assisted treatment program which allows patients to meet with their provider over our iPhone and android app or a laptop computer.  This literally means there is always a suboxone doctor nearby in Colorado.   From Denver and down to Pueblo or up to Fort Collins, if a person has a smartphone or a laptop, as data service, they can meet with our providers when it is most convenient for them.  No more missing work, taking kids to the nearby clinic, driving back and forth, and spending your new life waiting.  Perform follow-ups and counseling sessions from the couch or in a car at work while on break.  Our patients decide when and where they meet with their provider. 

Suboxone in Colorado

According to the website, there are currently 139 suboxone doctors/clinics in Colorado.  We tried to check with, however the site was down.  If the number of suboxone doctors in the entire state is factual, then the number of suboxone doctors in Colorado is VERY short of what we see in other states. 

In Ohio, for example, there are 2,000 suboxone doctors or clinics serving the community.  New York has over 4,000 and Arizona, Colorado’s neighbor to the south, has over 1,100.  Thankfully, there is federal budget coming to the state of Colorado to increase the number of providers in the state. For those already prescribing Suboxone in Colorado they may qualify to increase the number of patients they see on a monthly basis through the DEA. 

What Does Suboxone Cost in Colorado

The use of Suboxone is not just taking medication.  Sadly, there is no magic pill for addiction.  This means there are two types of costs when a patient enters a suboxone treatment program.  First, is the time with the prescribing doctor.  This part of treatment is to establish that the patient is eligible for care with Suboxone.  The cost for this initial visit can be up to $500 at many Colorado practices.  Once this is done and the patient is cleared for care, they then meet with their prescribing doctor each week until trust and a history of proper usage is established.  These weekly follow-ups are roughly $100-$150 per meeting.

The second cost is for the prescription drugs.  Most insurance does cover this cost, however, many people don’t have insurance as they put their life back together.  This means that people are paying cash.  According to many sites, Suboxone in Colorado can cost up to $175/month.  Not a bad price point, however, it is still  expensive.

The Difference not only provides ease of access to the care people need, but they can refill their suboxone online through our app. We also offer wholesale pricing on Suboxone and its generics as well as other medications that have been known to help those suffering from opioid use disorder. Our cost is just $55/visit and medications are as low as $75/month (depending on the MG prescribed). If you are ready to get started, click the “Download the App” button below and our team will take it from there.

Our Membership Plans

Phase 1

For those who haven’t been prescribed Suboxone for a minimum of 3 months.

$75/visit for 8 weeks

Phase 2

After 8 weeks of weekly meetings and clean drug testing


Phase 3

For those who have completed our 10 week program or have been prescribed Suboxone for more than 3 months.

$99/month Start

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Providing Affordable Online Suboxone Treatment.

Recovery Delivered was born out of the opioid epidemic plaguing our country. Our Founders both have a decade of experience in the addiction treatment space and saw that many people didn’t have access to care, and those that did have access weren’t happy.

So, they created Recovery Delivered, an online addiction treatment and medication management company. By using technology, they connect patients with online Suboxone doctors who provide life-saving addiction medicine almost 100% online.

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