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The days of waiting at a clinic or driving across town to meet your doctor each week are over. Recovery Delivered offers medication assisted treatment in Ohio and accepts Medical Assistance (MA) insurance as well as most other insurances. Ready to speak with someone? Fill out the form below and a member of our recovery staff will reach out.

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Ohio has not only seen the force of the opioid epidemic, it’s suffering as the second highest rate of drug overdose deaths involving opioids in the entire country.  In the state of Ohio there were a reported 4,293 deaths in 2017. Although thanks to Narcan, those numbers have decreased, we are now seeing an influx of people trying to get help for their opioid addiction.  Many of whom have tried a standard 12-step inpatient treatment facility, only to slip up and be back on opioids.  
RecoveryDelivered.com is here to help those who have tried to get and stay clean, but need a bit more help. Our online Medication Assisted Treatment program allows virtually anyone that meets medical requirements to use Suboxone® to safely withdrawal at home followed by a taper plan to maintain recovery for up to 1 year.  If you are looking for a Suboxone Doctor near you in Ohio, we can help.  Our providers are spread out from Cleveland to Cincinnati including the rural areas.  Because we are an online Suboxone® clinic, you don’t have to drive to meet with us.  Simply schedule a meeting on your phone and your suboxone doctor will meet with you using our secure video chat.  We even deliver your medication to your front door.  We are recovery on your time.  

Suboxone® in Ohio

Suboxone® or buprenorphine/naloxone  which is the generic, has been considered the “Gold Standard” of opioid addiction treatment by many in the space. With results that show a 75% (+-) over not using Suboxone, you can easily see why.  The only issue people have had over the years is access to the providers who can prescribe the medication. We are here to provide access to Suboxone care to everyone in Ohio who is ready to take that step. 

As of October 3rd 2019, there are over 2,000 Suboxone doctors in Ohio. This data is bulled from the SAMHSA website.  The larger issue here is that many of these providers with a DATA Waiver from the DEA (the licensing needed to prescribe Suboxone® or other medications for treating addiction) are not performing medication assisted treatment for patients and the vast majority of those who do provide MAT services do not accept state Medicaid, Medical Assistance (MA).  This is where Recovery Delivered can help.  

Not only are we able to operate in any part of Ohio including larger cities such as Columbus as a telemedicine solution, our providers also accept most insurances for suboxone including MA. 

Cost of Suboxone in Ohio

The cost of Mat with Suboxone® in Ohio varies based on individual insurance policies and co-pays, however, for a better understanding of how much Suboxone treatment costs in Ohio we will be using cash pay numbers to illustrate how Recovery Delivered is less expensive.  In a many Ohio Suboxone® clinics, physicians can charge more than $300 per visit.  Although most charge around $150 plus the cost of the Suboxone which on average is $157 for 30 day supply.  With Recovery Delivered, you can see your provider, online, for just $70 and receive medication for just $76 for a 30 day supply.  Plus, it is delivered to your door.  No more traveling, waiting in line, etc.  Get the care you need on your time t a price that is affordable.

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