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The opioid epidemic has taken the nation by storm and it has impacted the state of Maryland as well. There are opioid prescriptions all over the streets and dangerous drugs are tearing communities apart, impacting everyone. Clearly, more needs to be done to help people who suffer from opioid addiction. Now, there are resources available. Trained professionals are stepping in and we are here to help individuals and families break free from opioid addiction and improve their lives. is a fantastic resource for anyone who would like to either get clean or stay clean. We understand that addiction is a significant challenge and are here to help people without judgment or reservation. For this reason, we provide an online Medication Assisted Treatment program. We want to help everyone meet the requirements of Suboxone treatment because we know how much this can help someone go through the withdrawal and detox process safely. We can help someone taper their treatment over the course of a year. If you are in search of a Suboxone doctor in Maryland, we are here to help. Our providers are located everywhere from Baltimore to Hagerstown and everywhere in between. Our doctors can even reach rural areas. We provide assistance online, eliminating the hassle of travel. We can even send medication to your front door.

Maryland Opioid Addiction and Overdose Statistics

Unfortunately, Maryland is close to the top when it comes to opioid prescriptions and opioid deaths. In 2017, Maryland was ranked in the top five states nationally, with more than 32 deaths per 100,000 persons. Furthermore, more than 51 opioid prescriptions were written per 100 persons. The high number of opioid prescriptions on the street creates a fertile environment for opioid overdoses. This is a major contributing factor to the death rate due to opioids in Maryland.

Treatments such as Narcan has helped to reduce this number over the past few years. Sadly, many people also take Narcan for granted. This has led to an increase in the number of resources available for opioid addiction. Even though a 12-step program is a nice place to start, people also frequently relapse after leaving these inpatient facilities. Now, Suboxone is a great resource for those looking to break free from the chains of opioid addiction.

Suboxone® in Maryland

Suboxone has become the gold standard for those who are looking to both get clean and stay clean. Suboxone, the brand name of the generic drug buprenorphine/naloxone, can help people detox and go through withdrawal safely. In the past, there has been a dearth of providers who can prescribe this much-needed medication.

Now, this is changing. In the state of Maryland alone, there are more than 1,500 providers listed on the SAMHSA website who are willing to prescribe Suboxone. This is on pace with other states like Arizona and Ohio. Unfortunately, just because someone is listed on this website doesn’t mean they have the DATA Waiver from the DEA that is required to prescribe Suboxone or other medications that are used to treat drug and alcohol addiction. They also might not accept all insurance providers. Recovery Delivered is here to help patients navigate this process.

Cost of Suboxone Treatment in Maryland

MAT treatment costs involving Suboxone in Maryland will vary from provider to provider and can also change depending on the insurance plan and any associated co-pays or coinsurance costs. When all is said and done, it’s not unusual a Suboxone clinic in Maryland to charge $300 per visit. The average cost is likely close to $150; however, there is a wide range. This cost can be prohibitive for many people. With the help of Recovery Delivered, many patients will have access to a Suboxone doctor in Maryland online for less than $80. Recovery Delivered can also help patients get access to their month’s supply of Suboxone at a low cost as well. The medication is even sent to the patient’s front door. Avoid the lines and the waiting. Find affordable addiction treatment in Maryland through Recovery Delivered. It isn’t that far away.

Our Membership Plans

Phase 1

For those who haven’t been prescribed Suboxone for a minimum of 3 months.

$75/visit for 8 weeks

Phase 2

After 8 weeks of weekly meetings and clean drug testing


Phase 3

For those who have completed our 10 week program or have been prescribed Suboxone for more than 3 months.

$99/month Start

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Providing Affordable Online Suboxone Treatment.

Recovery Delivered was born out of the opioid epidemic plaguing our country. Our Founders both have a decade of experience in the addiction treatment space and saw that many people didn’t have access to care, and those that did have access weren’t happy.

So, they created Recovery Delivered, an online addiction treatment and medication management company. By using technology, they connect patients with online Suboxone doctors who provide life-saving addiction medicine almost 100% online.

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