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The days of waiting at a clinic or driving across the valley to meet your doctor each week are over. Recovery Delivered offers medication assisted treatment in Nevada and accepts state Medicaid insurance as well as most other insurances and a low cash pay rate. Ready to speak with someone? Fill out the form below and a member of our recovery staff will reach out.

Nevada Suboxone Doctors and Clinics

As of November, 2019 shows just 341 Suboxone®, also known as buprenorphine/naloxone, doctors in Nevada.  Compare this to over 2,000 Suboxone® doctors in Ohio, and we have to wonder why there are such few providers in the state.  Deaths related to heroin in the state of Nevada have more than doubled since 2012.    The deadliest year on record is 2010 when prescription opioid deaths hit the state hard, taking 369 lives.  However, Nevada overdose deaths statistics are below the national average.

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The opioid epidemic in the state of Nevada, although not as severe as many other states, there were still over 410 overdose deaths involving opioids in the state of Nevada.  Nevada is focused on helping people both before the addiction as well as after.  One method of treating opioid use disorder is through the use of Medication Assisted Treatment which uses Suboxone® (or it’s generics) to curb the cravings and help the person in withdrawal.  When patients use our online medication assisted treatment they not only always have a Suboxone® doctor on their phone, they also have addiction counseling available on their time.  Recovery Delivered delivers the basics for recovery from opioid use disorder all online. 

Finding a Suboxone® doctor near you has always been the focus, until now.  If you are looking for a Suboxone doctor in Nevada, from Reno to Las Vegas, Recovery Delivered can help.  We offer a telemedicine option to clients, by which, they use our app to meet with our prescribing doctors rather than having to go into a nearby Suboxone® clinic.

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