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Welcome fans of Real Talk Recovery! You are at the first step to a more convenient way to receive Suboxone and it’s generic for treatment of opioid use disorder. You are now closer to having your initial visit and follow-up meetings online and weekly drug testing sent to your home for review with our telemedicine providers available in 49 states, except California. 

Our process is simple, click the link below to download the app.  Create an account and answer all the questions the app asks.  Once completed, you will be sent a payment link for your first visit and all legally required documents to provide care.  From there you are assigned a provider and given their schedule.  In most cases, we can get you in to see a doctor the very next day or even same day during the work week.  Our providers also work weekends, however availability may be limited. 


At this time, does not accept insurance outside of Arizona Medicaid.  We are a cash pay option for the services we provide.  You are WELCOME to use your insurance to cover the costs of medication at your local pharmacy.  

Our pricing is $75/visit. The cost includes your doctors meeting and at home saliva drug testing mailed to your home.  This is done weekly, and a weekly script is written for the first 6 weeks.  This is required to ensure proper use of the medication and to monitor your success.  

After the first 6 weeks, you are moved to every other week, and after 4 months, to monthly.