5 Best Online Urgent Care Providers

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Online urgent care is one of the most convenient services for minor health concerns. You can get expert advice and help from healthcare professionals whenever and wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. However, these types of telehealth services are not created equal. Some are better than others, whether in terms of pricing, types of service offered, or overall convenience.

We’ve compiled our pick of the five best online urgent care services. We chose them because of the quality of their service, their price points, and other various factors. Keep reading to learn why they’re among the top service providers.

1. Recovery Delivered

Recovery Delivered is one the most trusted providers of online urgent care in the country, and is under Tara Healthcare, a global provider of various healthcare services and supplies. As a US-based company, Recovery Delivered offers a wide range of treatments and services to patients in the majority of the country.

Special Offerings

The most prominent offering of Recovery Delivered is its online Suboxone for addiction recovery and medication services. Through telemedicine, their doctors and recovery specialists are able to provide online urgent care for those with substance or alcohol abuse disorders. The company focuses on medication-assisted recovery, which is used to complement psychotherapy and other treatments for addiction.

After a session, patients can have their medication delivered to their doorstep. Moreover, these medications are packaged discreetly to maintain the utmost privacy for patients. 

Why We Recommend Them

Recovery Delivered offers premier urgent care services, addressing issues such as UTIs, colds, and even therapies like hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. However, their specialization in medication-assisted recovery makes them a distinct and valuable online urgent care service to vulnerable populations.

2. Teladoc Health

If you’re looking for online urgent care that provides the most comprehensive services, turn to Teladoc Health. They offer treatments under primary care, mental health, chronic condition management, and other areas to help a wide range of patients. Through them, you can set up an appointment anytime and get your virtual consultation session in as quick as 15 minutes after scheduling the call. As long as you have the Teladoc Health app and have created an account with your medical history, then scheduling consultations will be a breeze. 

Special Offerings

Teladoc Health offers complete online urgent care services. This includes mental health consultations that address issues like anxiety, negative thought patterns, depression, mood swings, and psychiatric medication management. Through their app or website, you can schedule a consultation with their psychiatrists and counselors to talk about your mental health concerns. 

They also offer expert medical opinions for various topics and specializations. Whether you’re looking for a second opinion or need guidance about post-surgery care, you can schedule an online consultation with care providers and ask for their advice.  

Why We Recommend Them

One of the most useful and appealing services of Teladoc Health is how their doctors can provide expert medical opinions. This service is distinct because it helps patients make informed medical choices for specific health concerns, not just get the treatment they need for various illnesses. 

3. K Health

K Health is another popular urgent care company that focuses on making quality healthcare accessible to everyone. That’s why they focus on low and standardized pricing. In addition, they’ve made it so that their services are easily accessible via a dedicated app. So long as the patient or their loved one has a smartphone, they can receive the various treatments offered by the K Health team. 

Special Offerings

At K Health, patients can access four types of care: primary care, urgent care, mental health, and pediatrics. These categories are further divided into subtypes to help you pinpoint the exact type of service you need. However, the most distinctive offering of K Health is its subscription-based service.

The company doesn’t require you to have insurance. Instead, you can subscribe to monthly memberships or pay $39 per consultation. Thanks to this scheme, you won’t have to pay insurance premiums or receive unexpected bills. 

Why We Recommend Them

Unsurprisingly, their affordable pricing is what gave K Health a spot on our list. Thanks to these low rates, quality treatments, and expert healthcare providers, the company is an overall great choice for your urgent care needs.

4. PlushCare

PlushCare is another popular online urgent care service accessible on a desktop browser or a dedicated app. The company focuses on making healthcare convenient for everyone, so they offer same-day appointments, telehealth video calling, and nationwide care. Through them, you can get personalized urgent care as well as mental health therapies, preventative care, and sexual health services.

Special Offerings

PlushCare provides holistic urgent care services that elevate the company above others. Patients can contact physicians for advice on issues like allergies, minor respiratory issues, and even STDs. In addition, patients can ask for referrals so they can get tests like X-rays, blood tests, and cholesterol testing. 

Why We Recommend Them

Much like K Health, PlushCare takes pride in its affordable services. Members can take advantage of lab tests that cost only $15 or less. There are two types of memberships available, giving you more options based on your needs. One is for insured patients while another is for those without insurance. 

5. Amwell

Amwell is an established telemedicine company that’s been around since the late 2000s. Over the years, the company has become the standard and blueprint in telehealth, and it still remains a trusted household name today. While not as affordable as the last two options, Amwell still makes up with comprehensive healthcare services, exceptional customer service, and highly trained care providers. 

Special Offerings

As one of the pioneers in telemedicine, Amwell offers almost all of the urgent care services available today. From treating acne and other skin disorders to addressing hypertension and gout, patients can access a wide range of treatments.

The distinct online care services offered at Amwell are breastfeeding support and women’s health. Through Amwell’s website or app, you can get treatment for period cramps, PMS, pelvic pain, and other related issues. Their breastfeeding support services also help mothers address concerns about lactation, their baby’s health, and related topics.

Why We Recommend Them

Amwell’s reputation as an established telehealth provider already makes them a trusted company. However, their inclusion of women-centric services makes them even more deserving of a spot on our list. 

Final Thoughts 

Online urgent care is one of the emerging trends in medicine, especially now that patients are prioritizing convenience and affordability. So if you’re looking for the best telemedicine providers that specialize in urgent care, use the list above to help you get started.

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