Telemedicine Is the New Frontier for Testosterone Therapy

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1 out of 4 men over the age of 30 has low testosterone. Low testosterone levels become more common as men age, but young men can also have this problem. Low testosterone can be caused by many things.

Thyroid disorders, problems with the testes, and other factors can contribute to the problem. Testosterone therapy is a great way to fix the issue. Telemedicine can also make the process easier and simpler. 

But, what should you know about testosterone therapy and telemedicine? How can they work together to make your treatment process more convenient? Keep reading and learn more about it below.

What You Need to Know About Testosterone Therapy

Low testosterone levels can be harmful to a man’s health. This is because testosterone levels affect many different functions in a man’s body. Low testosterone levels can affect a man’s muscle mass, fat distribution, and bone strength. 

Men with this problem often have weak and thin muscles. It may be difficult for them to get larger and stronger muscles when working out. They may also gain weight more easily. 

The weight they gain may build up in a feminine way. This is when the fat distributes around the hips, thighs, and chest. Men with low testosterone also have more brittle bones that break more easily. 

This is more common in older men with low testosterone levels. But young men can also suffer from this problem. Men with low testosterone may also have problems with libido. 

They may not feel the desire to have sex. It may also be difficult to get or maintain an erection. The presence of testosterone helps with sexual drive. 

Abnormally low levels will make it difficult to have a healthy sex life. Men with this problem may also experience many various issues. These include changes in body hair, weight gain or loss, voice changes, and so on.

Men with this problem are also more likely to experience mood changes. They may be more likely to experience bouts of depression or anxiety. They may also have mood swings. 

Testosterone therapy can help with all of this.

The Details

This therapy involves the administration of male hormones. This helps the body achieve more balanced male hormones. 

This will reduce the severity of these symptoms of low testosterone. It should help a main regain a healthy sex drive. It should also be easier for a man to maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass. 

Testosterone replacement therapy comes in many forms. Some forms have to be injected into your muscles. This allows the medication to spread throughout the body and enact its effects. 

There are also testosterone gels you can try. It is necessary to spread this gel across the shoulders, chest, and stomach. The gel will then seep through the skin and into the muscles and blood. 

Continued use of this gel will normalize your testosterone levels. Once your testosterone levels go back to normal, you should notice a big change in your health. You may feel stronger and more energetic. 

You should feel healthier and more youthful too.

Using Telemedicine for Testosterone Therapy

Using telemedicine for this therapy has many benefits but also some downsides. The main benefit is that it is easy to talk to your healthcare provider. There will be no need to get into your car and sit in traffic to go to your doctor’s office. 

There will be no need to sit for an hour in a waiting room either. You can instead contact your doctor from the comfort of your home. You can do this with your phone, computer, or another electronic device. 

This makes it easy to contact your doctor wherever you might be. Many more people are starting to use telemedicine because it is so convenient. It helps keep your busy schedule on track and you won’t have to waste several hours of your time waiting.

Telemedicine appointments are also more affordable than in-person appointments. This is because telehealth is convenient both for the patient and the doctor. The doctor has more flexibility and time management with telehealth appointments. 

These appointments also allow you to ask your doctor about testosterone therapy. You can ask important questions that might be on your mind. Your doctor can also give you advice as to whether this therapy is right for you. 

What You Need to Know

There are some downsides to using telemedicine for testosterone therapy. The main downside is that the doctor can’t administer the therapy. Some medicines need to be injected and your doctor needs to do this. 

You would still have to go to the doctor’s office for this. But, you won’t have this problem if you opt for testosterone gel. It also won’t be possible for your doctor to give you a physical exam. 

Physical exams are important as they can reveal symptoms of low testosterone. They can also reveal other problems that you might not be aware of. The benefits of telehealth outweigh the downsides. 

It makes it easy to talk to your doctor when necessary. It also makes it easy for your doctor to check up on you throughout your testosterone therapy. 

Using Telemedicine for Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is a great way to get your testosterone levels back to normal. This therapy can improve your health in a variety of ways. Telemedicine can help make that possible. 

Telemedicine is a great way to talk to your doctor and get the treatment you need. To learn more about telemedicine, check out our services

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