How to Get Suboxone

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How to Get Suboxone

With the unfortunate growth in the U.S. of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) many people are looking for a way to end their dependence through the use of a Suboxone treatment program.  Suboxone (Buprenorphine/Naloxone), provides a multi-pronged approach to treating opioid use disorder.  Suboxone provides a partial opioid agonist (Buprenorphine) as well as a full antagonist (Naloxone).  The Buprenorphine provides relief to opioid users while the Naloxone negates the effects of opioid use.  

Ways to Get Suboxone:

As Suboxone is a controlled substance, to legally acquire it the patient must meet with a licensed MD, PA, or NP.  These providers must also have a DEA DATA waiver.  This is the is provided to the aforementioned providers who complete a “medication assisted treatment” program which is provided by SAMSHA. 

1 – Find a Local Clinic

As with most things, the use of can lead you to clinics which offer Suboxone treatment.  Simply Google “Suboxone Doctors near me” and the results will provide you with a list of possible facilities who can help. 

2 – Use a Suboxone locator

There are many websites which offer a directory listings, however, we highly recommend using the federal government’s website, SAMSHA. This locator will provide you with all of the licensed providers in your state. 

3 – Call Your Insurance Company

If you have insurance you would like to use to cover the costs of the doctors meetings, call the number of the back of your insurance card.  Let them know you are looking to get on a Suboxone program with an in-network provider.  

4 – Get Suboxone Online

With the pandemic in place, there are sources like who offer access to licensed providers in 49 states.  Getting Suboxone online removes barriers to care.  With online programs, all meetings are done via the patient’s smartphone, drug testing is done at home, and prescriptions are sent to a local pharmacy.  

Next Steps

No matter how you get Suboxone, your recovery can start today.  If you would like to get your Suboxone online, is here to help. 

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