Finding A Suboxone Doctor Near You – 3 Easy Steps

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You may have Googled “Suboxone Doctors Near me” but how do you know which can actually help you? As an online suboxone provider, we have want to give those who would prefer using a local, in-person, suboxone doctor in your city.

If you are considering Suboxone treatment for yourself or someone else, it’s important that only the best Suboxone doctors make the cut. Not all Suboxone clinics provide quality care and some may even not have a patient’s best interest in mind.

Step One: Location Location Location

Before calling Suboxone doctors near you, be sure to find out about where they are located. It has been proven that the easier the access is, the better the outcomes. Think about drive time as many Suboxone doctors don’t allow missed follow-up visits to continue care. Being on-time is important.

Step Two: Learn About The Doctor

Next, take a look at the Suboxone doctor’s credentials. Suboxone doctors should have board certification in Medicine and be licensed by the DEA for Suboxone (X-Waiver). Also check to see if they are free of any disciplinary actions or sanctions against them. Sadly, there are many providers who have done some unethical things to patients. This can include over charging, kicking patients out of care without a referral, or saying they take your insurance and then billing you directly.

Step Three: Costs

For many Suboxone patients, insurance helps cover the cost of not only provider meetings, but also the cost of medication and drug testing. If you would like to ONLY use a clinic near you which accepts your insurance, this can thin out your local options. Simply call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask them for a referral to a local Suboxone doctor or clinic which is In-Network. This means the provider has negotiated rates directly with your insurance company.

Resources to Find a Suboxone Doctor Near You:

  1. Search “Suboxone Doctor Near Me” into Google and follow the above steps
  2. Go to the US government website of all Suboxone doctors and clinics here
  3. As your Primary Care doctor if they have any referrals
  4. Speak with those you now who are also on Suboxone. This is normally the best way to find a quality Suboxone doctor near you as they come with a personal referral.

Take Your Care Online

The last option you may want to look into is getting Suboxone online through a service such as There are many options out their, some of which accept private insurance. Using an online doctor means you can meet your provider over the phone or app anywhere you are. It makes getting your medication easier and is flexible when it comes to your schedule.

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