What to Expect On the First Day Of Suboxone Addiction Treatment?

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If you’re getting ready to start your first day of suboxone treatment then you should pat yourself on the back. Treatment programs for opioid withdrawal are difficult, and you’re taking a major step by getting involved with a suboxone clinic, even online suboxone treatment. If you’re at this stage then you recognize that you have a problem and that you are willing to do what it takes to fix it.

The good news is that suboxone treatment online can be very effective, with high success rates. We believe that you are on the right track, doing the right things, and that, if you stick with it, you’ll be leading a better life in the days to come.

The First Day of Suboxone Online Treatment

Suboxone, when taken as prescribed, is an effective way to reduce opioid abuse. Suboxone as a prescription (buprenorphine and naloxone) are taken as sublingual film–that means under the tongue–and you should start to feel the effects of suboxone within 30-45 minutes. Because this is medication-assisted treatment, you will have medical personnel who will be checking in with you to make sure that you do not misuse suboxone, and that you are taking it in the way it was intended.

These medical professionals will help you with the side effects that you feel as you come off of opioids long term. Your suboxone doctor, who gives you the prescription medication, will be monitoring your progress.

Before you start suboxone, you will be in withdrawal already. This is important because, if you’re not in withdrawal, then taking suboxone can make your symptoms worse. We understand that this is going to be hard, but remember that this is the path to healing.

These withdrawals can include aches and pains, increased heart rate, chills, vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, and difficulty focusing. These are normal, and you will experience some of them. Your prescriber may give you additional medication to help with these symptoms, but may not.

The good news is that once you take your first dose of suboxone, these withdrawal symptoms should decrease or disappear. If you don’t experience a loss of symptoms, your prescriber may adjust your dose. And the better news is that once you are on suboxone, your craving for other opioids should drop off if not disappear entirely. This may take weeks or months, but on your first day, you are on the road to recovery.

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