How Long Will the Effects of Suboxone Last?

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Did you know that 13.5% of Americans 12 years old and over have used drugs in the last month? That’s a 3.8% increase. 

When you use, life begins to feel hopeless and controlled by this drug. You wish there was a way out, and you’re grasping for answers but don’t see a way. 

The good news is that hope is around the corner. Suboxone is a medication to help those with opioid dependence, but how long do the effects of Suboxone last? Find the answer to this question and more by reading on today!

What Is Suboxone?

In the U.S., about 1.6 million people had an opioid use disorder in the past year. Suboxone could help.

Suboxone is a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine. Naloxone blocks the effects of opioid medication, and buprenorphine is an opioid medication. Suboxone is used to treat opiate addiction. 

Before taking it, speak with your doctor if you’ve had the following: 

  • Abnormal curvature of the spine
  • Alcoholism 
  • Drug addiction
  • A head injury
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Breathing problems
  • An enlarged prostate 
  • Problems with your thyroid, adrenal gland, or gallbladder 
  • Tooth problems, including cavities 
  • If you’re currently pregnant 

Suboxone Lifespan

Buprenorphine in Suboxone has a long elimination half-life compared to other opioids. This is the time it takes for half of a single dose to leave the body. 

Buprenorphine takes about 37 hours. Naloxone’s elimination half-life is about 2 to 12 hours. 

It can take more than a week for Suboxone to no longer be detectable in your body. If you’re taking a drug test, buprenorphine can still appear even after eight days. 

It can last for: 

  • Urine – About two weeks 
  • Saliva – More than a week
  • Hair – A few months 

It can be found in the urine 40 minutes after consumption. For long-term and heavy drug use, it can show up after more than two weeks.

For most healthy people, it won’t show up after a week. If you have severe liver damage, it’s more likely to show up. 

Lifespan for Those With Liver Damage

If you have moderate-to-severe liver disease, the half-life is prolonged, especially naloxone. No trace should be found for moderate liver disease after 6-12 days. For severe liver disease, no trace should be found within 7-14 days. 

How Long Will Using Suboxone Work?

Since each body is unique, it’s impossible to know how long you’ll feel the effects. You shouldn’t experience withdrawal symptoms within the first 24 hours you take it.

It can last even longer for some patients. Some people can go for a couple of days without withdrawal symptoms. 

Naloxone is metabolized faster. It normally only blocks opioids for an hour or two. If you inject Suboxone, you won’t feel the effects for up to two hours. 

Factors that impact the length of time include: 

  • Individual metabolism
  • Dosage
  • Weight
  • Personal health
  • Method of ingestion

Is Suboxone Effective? 

Yes. It’s one of the most effective options for opioid use. It helps you with beating an addiction, thanks to preventing cravings and withdrawal. 

It’s harder to overuse and doesn’t have intoxicating effects. It makes it easier for many to avoid using hard drugs. 

As far as how long you’ll take it will depend on your opioid use. Those who take it for the long term tend to have a more positive effect. Many benefit from at least taking it for a few months. 

How To Take Suboxone

For the full effect, never take Suboxone with food or drink. You may take Suboxone by placing it in your cheek. Sublingual tablets are to be placed under your tongue until they dissolve. 

Let it dissolve in your cheek. It takes about five to ten minutes for this to occur. 

Never use Suboxone in larger amounts without speaking with your doctor. This could cause an overdose or serious symptoms. 

Before taking the film, drink water since it’ll help it dissolve quicker. If you need to take a second dose, don’t let it overlap with the first. For a third dose, wait for the first two to dissolve first. 

Never share your medication with another person. Misuse could lead to death, overdose, or addiction. Keep it where others can’t get to it. 

Follow All Directions 

Follow all directions and inform your doctor immediately if you experience symptoms. Go over all your conditions and medications you’re currently taking with your doctor. All of your providers need to know that you’re being treated for opioid addiction and that you take Suboxone. 

How Much Suboxone Will I Take in a Day?

Sublingual film during maintenance is about 16 mg/4 mg per day as a single dose. Dosages higher than 24 mg aren’t typically recommended. 

Contact your doctor or schedule an online Suboxone doctor if you’re feeling very sleepy as a side effect. The same if you’re experiencing other side effects. Doctors can always adjust your dose as needed. 

The Peak of Suboxone

You should feel the effects of Suboxone within 20-60 minutes after the first dose. Suboxone reaches its peak at around 100 minutes (under two hours). 

Once the medication dissolves, you can spit out the residue. You won’t receive an extra effect by swallowing it. 

Examining the Effects of Suboxone

After exploring this guide on how long the effects of Suboxone should last, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Remember that each body is different and if you experience side effects, let your doctor know immediately.

Are you ready to start the road to recovery and have a future opioid-free? Don’t let opioids stop you from having your freedom back.

Start treatment today to get started. You’ll be able to conveniently have the medication sent right to your door. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. 

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